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Name Istvan Pely
Age N/A
Born USA
Email ipely@charm.net
Homepage www.movkup.com

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Re: Istvan Pely
By Dávid on Mar 12, 2006 09:01 PM
A VONATOK nagyon tettszenek!Tök jól nyomod.A haverom kb. fél éve kezdte, de alig láttszik a munkáin a fejlődés.Tudsz adni néhány jó tanácsot amivel előrébb tud jutni ezen a téren.Te hány éve nyomod?Respect!!
Re: Istvan Pely
By berkut on Feb 17, 2006 03:09 AM
very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you want see my ak 101 realism pleas contactme maksim20032@hotmail.com
Re: Istvan Pely
By Cagri on Dec 30, 2005 09:49 AM
great works...they look so real..
Re: Istvan Pely
By Joshua on Dec 10, 2005 10:11 PM
A hommie who the hell showed u how to draw that! Those trains look tight. If u dont mind me telling u, next time draw some buildings in the background, make it look futureistic with the buildings, just not stupid. GOOOOD work!
Re: Istvan Pely
By stone on Dec 09, 2005 03:44 PM
It's great I like your style
Re: Istvan Pely
By rhomie on Dec 05, 2005 01:57 AM
wuzzzzzzz........ is very nice work. pely istvan.
i am rhomie from indonesia.
Re: Istvan Pely
By Carl on Nov 04, 2005 04:01 AM
Nice Work!
Re: Istvan Pely
By Max on Oct 13, 2005 09:41 AM
Re: Istvan Pely
By Sparkling on Sep 29, 2005 01:35 AM
Nice work. Do you draw any older ships? I like Sokodara the best of your images above, the color looks more accurate in that one. Would really like to see some older sailing ships. Your attention to detail is excellent.

Re: Istvan Pely
By on Jul 22, 2005 06:22 PM
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