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Name Jeffrey Lew
Age N/A
Born USA
Email jal18@columbia.edu
Homepage 3dagency.simplenet.com

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Re: Jeffrey Lew
By on Mar 19, 2005 02:11 PM
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By on Mar 11, 2005 11:01 AM
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By Gemma on Jan 31, 2005 01:48 PM
dear sub_mirage

this is not a museum for vintage 3d artwork. compared to most of the stuff here it is really poor in quality. whatever program he used is his own choice. if he has new work id like to see it. but these pictures have very little detail and really poor surfacing. so if someone wants to critique them then get off their back.
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By amida on Jan 25, 2005 05:57 AM
This guy did the short movie killer bean and it is terrible
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By on Jan 20, 2005 09:55 PM
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By J-P on Dec 02, 2004 11:40 PM
Stop writting stuppid messages. You don't know 3D animation ! This man used Animation Master, difficult to use software ! And Jeff did some fantastic work like Mistic in X-Men, and some FX in The Matrix Reloaded and Revolution ! So stop writting stupidity and learn 3D from this guy !!!
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By on Nov 14, 2004 03:11 AM
how did you get such a high rank?
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By on Oct 03, 2004 12:26 AM
very basic, nothing exceptional here. keep practicing. oh, and make sure you put a big copyright notice on them, because you never know when someone needs crappy images!!!
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By The PAC on Aug 22, 2004 05:21 PM
they are all very rubbery looking but other than that they are ok. good job
Re: Jeffrey Lew
By on Aug 18, 2004 09:29 AM
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